Get an overview, every week!

As CEO, you are responsible for the well-being of the organization. Continuous reports and insights on the organizational and social work environment facilitate the work of creating a better workplace for all. Weekli not only helps you to reverse negative trends but also highlights success factors in the organization, such as leadership quality and corporate culture.

Each week, you get a summary of your organization’s responses, divided into smart graphs, as well as tailored insights from our behavioral experts to help you interpret and understand the data. You can easily navigate to different levels in the organization to be able to follow up with managers and management.

Get key figures, every week!

Weekli converts soft values into key figures so that you can easily follow up on the organizational and social work environment. By getting an overview of how your organization is doing, and basing decisions on data, sick leave and dismissals in the organization can be reduced, which in turn can have a positive effect on the organization’s profitability.