See your change, every Weekli!

As a CEO or part of the executive team, the well-being of your employees rests on your shoulders. Weekli is here to support you in the struggle for a better workplace, and to provide you with data and insights regarding your company.

If you let it, Weekli can change the game for you. Not only can it help you to turn around negative trends, it also measures the quality of your leadership, the power of the company culture and other factors for success.

When you start using Weekli, you will get a dashboard where you can see a summary of all your employee’s anonymous answers, broken down into easily understood analytics. You will also get tailored insights written by our behavioral experts to support you in running your company as smoothly as possible, and to take care of the psycho-social health of your employees.

Change the Game, every Weekli!

Weekli appropriates the team behavioral data to find correlation with your business numbers. For hundreds of years we have used data in finance to run our businesses. Now by correlating behavioral data with financial data, you can find the underlying hidden patterns as well as getting exact return on your investments in growing and developing your people.