Speak your mind, every week!

Weekli lets you as an employee say what you think about your work situation, every week, completely anonymously. In this way, you help your manager create a better workplace for you and your colleagues.

Every week, Weekli sends out an intelligent pulse containing of ten questions. You can answer the questions online or in the Weekli app and it takes no more than a few minutes. Well-invested minutes considering that your opinion can be the basis for change in your organization!

New insights, every week!

Once you have answered the weekly questions, you will have direct access to your data in the Weekli app. You also get tailored insights from our behavioral experts that will help you interpret and understand your data. At group level, your manager receives a summary of your and other team members’ answers and can proactively address any problems – all with the aim of improving the work situation for you and your colleagues.