Speak your mind, every Weekli!

Weekli allows you as an employee to anonymously speak your mind about your workplace every week. Weekli makes it possible for your managers to improve the well-being of the entire office.

Each week, Weekli sends out an intelligent pulse with twelve questions regarding your psycho-social health. You can choose to answer online or in the Weekli app, and it only takes a couple of minutes at most. Those minutes, however, have the power to change everything.

Once a week, every Weekli!

As your answers come in, you will get instant access to your data as well as tailored insights written by our behavioral experts. Aside from that, your manager and your boss will get a summary of all your team’s answers, which means that they can take charge of problematic situations early. In the long run, this may lead to a much healthier work environment for both you and your colleagues.