What do the numbers mean

The idea behind the insight is to give the figures a voice that explains what it means and how I as a manager need to comprehend and relate to the numbers. What are the implications and how do I nuance the importance of a number in a category like engagement or leadership?

What is disguised behind it, and is my action required urgently or over time? The first part of insight gives the manager an idea about what the numbers mean and offers hints about its sense of urgency.

What are the consequences

Now that you have learned about what the numbers mean, the next step is naturally to understand the implications. The results disclose the effects of the numbers for a category. What is necessary and urgent to focus on and are there any ramifications if the numbers stay at same levels over time or intensify.

Does the scale influence other issues at work? We know that a high pace over time has a direct impact on stress and sleep deprivation. This part includes further tips to ease the way for managers contemplating solutions.

The numbers behind the insight

Data! Data! Data! Making bricks without clay is impossible. Weekli keeps everything transparent. You can always look at the raw data behind an insight to create your judgment.

We believe that data still has a remarkable story to tell, and our insights will show you the outline of the story, but it is up to you to color the picture. As a manager, you have first-hand information about your organization and only that can give a clear contrast in the insight needs for them to make sense.

Actionable insight

Weekli takes advantage of the fact that the human brain finds it more accessible to process information when it is in the form of a picture rather than in numbers. We see data just like summaries of thousands of stories.

So by giving you a few of those stories written by psychologists and organization experts, we hope to help make the data meaningful and give you the knowledge of hundreds of professionals. Each insight shows you besides meaning of a result and consequences but also how the mentioned scales correlate with each other.

Correlations are essential to understand the underlying problem behind obvious issues like stress or work pace and it is unique for each team.

More features of Weekli

There is lot more Weekli has to offer for you. Go ahead and check them out.