Rubber band

To guarantee anonymity, your data is put through algorithms as well as what we call the rubber band calculation. All responses are stretched out over time based on metrics of importance and sensitivity.

Personalized questions

Every employee has his/her own pulse journey on Weekli. Our algorithms assess and weigh in earlier answers to determine the next round of questions.

The idea is to make every pulse personal and relevant for each employee based on previous responses and mindset the employee answering the questions.  The model helps to keep the end-user anonymity at a high level because no one knows who has responded to which question.


Our primitive brain by some called the lizard brain is always eager to look behind the curtain to see what is hidden.  One of our most critical objectives is to keep everyone anonymous both from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

It is imperative that the end-users feel protected to be able to speak their minds without prejudice or risk of reprisals.

More features of Weekli

There is lot more Weekli has to offer for you. Go ahead and check them out.