HPI (Human Performance Indicator)

Data belongs to you as an employee even if it is your company paying for the Weekli services. Each employee owns their own data. We use the data to aggregate exciting and informational trends and analytics for your employer.

In this quest, we found that you as an employee deserve to have access to your data at any time in a structured manner that is easy to comprehend and interact with over time. With this groundbreaking view within the industry, you can track your data with the same categories, dimensions, and scales as your employer over time.

Coach recommending insight and articles

Weekli presents insights and materials relevant to each employee’s results as well. We believe that owning your data is as crucial as understanding your data over time. It motivates to answer the questions weekly as well as support and guide each individual to become more self-driven.

All insights are created to bring in the balance between the company and the employees by showing both parties that any relationship is built by two participants. Thereby, the responsibility of the success or failure of that relationship lies on both sides.

Coping strategies

Weekli employee insight focuses on informing about the different aspects of psychosocial health like stress and resilience, influence and predictability, trust and leadership designed for companies to grasp the critical issues within their company and teams.

Weekly’s smart and personalized insights for each employee displays where stress, the feeling of low influence, distrust and 30 other issues come from and teaches you how to cope with, control and reduce it. By finding a baseline, it is easier to take steps to rise above it.

Chatbot asking questions

Conversations are one of the most important parts of being human. Weekli has to that end created a conversational mode in our app, asking questions, giving recommended insights and suggesting articles.

More features of Weekli

There is lot more Weekli has to offer for you. Go ahead and check them out.