Intelligent distribution

By using powerful algorithms, each employee receives a small unique set of questions every week.

Based on a number of different types of triggers like earlier asked questions, it maximises dashboard relevance for each manager. Updating each scale faster and ensuring high level of anonymity and avoiding survey fatigue.

Impact control

Every employee has his/her own pulse journey on Weekli. Our algorithms assess and weigh in earlier answers to determine the next round of questions. The idea is to make every pulse personal and relevant for each employee based on previous responses and mindset the employee answering the questions.

Impact control enables weekly to ask additional and related questions in the upcoming pulse if an employee provides an unexpected response to a question.

The idea is to make sure that the sudden change of heart is not just a splurge of emotions based on a specific incident and is overall redundant.

Actionable data weekly

Optimizing data to have new and engaging stories about your employees every week secures that there is actionable data available weekly.

The idea behind is to empower every manager to see group behaviour patterns and to make sure every action or response with the team is reflected in the data.

Granting every manager the chance to improve their decisions and leadership based on unfiltered team opinions.


The intelligent pulse is designed to decreases the faulty guesswork and protect the employees. Even if is practically and theoretically impossible to backward engineer the responses of each employee, managers tend to connect results to who has said what.

Using three intelligent pulse where every user gets their own set of questions, will take the guesswork out of the picture. It will put the focus on taking action no matter who said what.

More features of Weekli

There is lot more Weekli has to offer for you. Go ahead and check them out.