Scientifically validated

The survey has more than 20 years of research at more than a dozen universities around the world behind the 90+ questions that measure essential aspects of your organization’s psychosocial environment.

It includes measuring dimensions like demands at work, collaboration, and leadership, health, and well-being, to work-life balance and abusive behaviors. Each dimension consists of a number of scales like work pace, role clarity, influence, and recognition. Every scale is finally consistent with 2-4 questions. The survey is scientifically validated, and the questions are balanced to yield truthful answers.

The survey hierarchy

The survey has its own hierarchy. With dividend on the top and followed by dimensions, scales, and questions.

Human performance indicator (HPI) is the result of chosen scales combined over different dimensions with a single purpose. Presenting data more focused on a higher level aimed at creating an overall understanding of the organization’s behavior.

Dimensions have been structured over the last 20 years. Scales that seems to correlate with each other or tackle the same area of exploration but with different angles are aggregated into dimensions. A dimension can include several scales. As an example, the dimension ”Demand at work” is the home of the scales ”work pace,” ”emotional demand” and ”quantitative demands”.

Scales are a category that harbors 2 to 4 questions with the intent of asking about the exact same subject but from a different point of view. All research has shown that the questions in the same scale have a reliable correlation with each other making sure that every question in the same scale asks about precisely the same issue.

Questions are the foundation of the survey and validated through long and hard research to make sure that the answers correspond precisely to what the question wants to unravel and nothing else.

Studies and research

There are more than 40 research papers written about the survey which also includes predictive analysis to see if it is possible to predict sickness rate. Most of the research is about validating the study but also a few primitive studies on how to predict sickness or employee turnover. The benchmark for each scale is based on a reference population in different studies around the world.

Base reference population (BRP)

The BRP is useful to utilize when one is new to weekli and how to benchmark your company. The BRP is based on a reference population of your country, and it is actually just a median validated point. Weekli uses BRP to suggest insight for you and your employees, but like everything here in life there is no such thing as one size fits all. Use BRP as a norm and try to make sense of why your employees have a low or high value on different scales or dimensions. It is in our core belief that there no such thing as good or bad rather an objective truth based on data and intuition.

More features of Weekli

There is lot more Weekli has to offer for you. Go ahead and check them out.