To fulfill the requirements and guarantee that our personal data processing meets the requirements in GDPR according to privacy by design. Weekli is created from scratch with the knowledge of GDPR designed to be compliant with GDPR regulations.


  • Does not collect or save more information than necessary
  • Has chosen a correct legal basis as data controller
  • Provides accurate information about the treatment of data to those involved
  • Offers the opportunity to correct, erase, limit data
  • Finally fulfill the requirements around data portability

We are careful about informing all users about profiling, automated decision making, and information security.

Data controller

Weekli is a data controller in contrast to a data processor. This is based on the facts that Weekli has a predominant influence over the purpose and means of processing personal data in our services.

Weekli’s clients, in this case, are not able to influence the way in which personal data is processed, which questions are answered, how the answers are calculated or how individual response are aggregated in the presentation of the statistics that is shared with the client. Nor have the clients any access to individual responses. The only party with access to individual responses is the unique responder. Against these facts, we have found that the legal basis is to be a data controller.


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Your employees own their data

Even if your company has paid for Weekli, the data ultimately belongs to your employees. You have the power to cut the cord and disconnect the employee data from your companies aggregated view.

It is essential for us at Weekli that your employees both feel it and know it that they are in charge of their data.

More features of Weekli

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