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Understand your organization

Are people in your teams getting burned out?
Or are they even quitting their jobs?

With Weekli, it is possible to predict the behavior of your team members to avoid unnecessary conflicts, lack of engagement, absentees and resignations.

It also measures positive values such as the quality of your leadership, the strength of your culture and the power of the growth mindset in your organization.

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No more guess work

Don’t beat yourself up if you fail at guesswork! This is because you are part of the same eco-system.

You are all stuck in a glass jar looking out, while Weekli is on the outside looking in at your organization from all angles and perspectives.

In short, Weekli knows when and why to ask certain questions, and uses powerful algorithms to decode your workplace.

Boost productivity, every Weekli!

By using powerful algorithms each employee receives a small unique set of question weekly based on a number of different type of triggers like earlier asked questions, to maximize dashboard relevance for each manager, to update each scale faster.