Oversee, every Weekli!

Working with HR you have to balance issues about psychosocial health. The regulation from March 2016 about organizational and social work environment provision has regulated knowledge requirements, goals, work pace, quantitative demands, conflict and harassment.

Weekli uses a psychosocial health survey with categories matching the requirements in the provision. By using Weekli, it will be smooth and painless to actually track your organizations obligations within the frame of the provision. Concerns regarding unhealthy workload, abusive manners, demands at work and resources are measured continuously and reported in a straight forward dashboard.

Quarterly review, every Weekli!

As an HR executive, you can follow all the teams and have access to each teams insights. You can support your managers by understanding their challenges and offering the right solutions for each.

Don´t approach different issues with the same remedy. A high work pace can be caused by lack of practical leadership, goal clarity, low influence or predictability, role conflicts or unclear mandate and responsibility. Just taking a few. Each case requires it own process and needs essentially a unique solution.

Weekli for

Imagine being able to voice out your smallest to the biggest concern every week. Then be able to see immediate change.
Weekli is all for one and one for all!

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Weekli for

A quarterly review every week? When will a manager ever be able to do that?
Weekli is your best solution.

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Weekli för

Weekli gives every CEO the ability to make a change faster than ever.
This is a game changer.

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