Make a change,
every Weekli!

When you manage a team, the well being of your team members is an important part of your responsibility. Every week, Weekli sends out an intelligent pulse containing twelve questions for each of your team member to answer. The questions bring up important issues such as company culture, leadership quality, engagement around psycho-social health.

As the answers come in, you’ll get access to your team’s anonymous data in a dashboard with smart graphs and analytics. You will also get a tailored insight that matches the situation at your workplace, written by our behavioral experts. This information will help you to take charge of problematic situations immediately. Thereby, reducing the number of resignations and sick days in your team.

Act on facts, every Weekli!

Managers are according to our research the category with the most comprehensive time constraints. Weekli is designed to approach the topic smoothly and with a few straight forward and intelligible workflows.

Each workflow takes a maximum of twelve minutes to go through every week to get a comprehensive understanding of your team temperature and how to approach any matter of contention or uncertainty in the team.

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Imagine being able to voice out your smallest to the biggest concern every week. Then be able to see immediate change.
Weekli is all for one and one for all!

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It is very difficult for any HR professional to hear out every employee every week.
Weekli is here for you.

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Weekli gives every CEO the ability to make a change faster than ever.
This is a game changer.

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